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We offer thousands of e-books including fiction, nonfiction, and graphic novels for all age groups! Check out Overdrive, Hoopla, and Gale Virtual Reference Library!

** If you opt for Hoopla, make sure your library is included.


Get hooked on audiobooks! You can explore the classics or check out something new. Listen on your computer, tablet or on your mobile device.  Books are available through Overdrive and Hoopla

** If you opt for Hoopla, make sure your library is included.


We have lots of music for your ears! Freegal and Hoopla offer a wide selection of songs that include latest hits, classics, world music and more. 

Freegal and Hoopla are available only to patrons whose library cards are from specific OCPL libraries, check our handy list to see if your library is listed.


Want to watch television shows, movies, documentaries or instructional or educational videos? You can stream (or download) many of the latest titles from Hoopla and Overdrive. Just remember to make sure your library is included if you opt for Hoopla.

Always on the go? Free mobile apps are available for Overdrive, Hoopla, and Freegal. Check your app store or marketplace for more info.