3D Printing Services

We have three 3D printers at the Makerspace, available for patrons to print out whatever they want or need to enhance their lives. 3D printers build three-dimensional objects out of plastic by extruding hot plastic layer after layer, building an object from the ground up. You may use an existing model that you download from a site like thingiverse.com, or design your own model using makerspace computers. All of our 3D printers print using PLA plastic, a biodegradable plastic made from corn.

We use 123d Design to create our custom 3D printable objects. It is a free program that you can download and use at home.

You can learn to use 123d Design using the following resources:

123d Design Video Tutorials
A great starting place

Login into Lynda.com with your library card to gain access to hundreds of professional tutorials on creative software and more!

Up and Running with 123d Design on Lynda.com
A great complete course that will take you from beginner to master using this program to create your own objects.