Onondaga County Public Library Beauchamp Branch Photodocumentation Project, 1994

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Onondaga County Public Library Beauchamp Branch
Title: Onondaga County Public Library Beauchamp Branch Photodocumentation Project,
Dates: 1994
Quantity: 5 linear ft.
Abstract: Onondaga County Public Library Beauchamp Branch Photodocumentation Project contains photographs documenting the African American community in the Beauchamp Branch Library neighborhood.
Language: English
Repository: Onondaga County Public Library
Local History & Genealogy Department
447 South Salina Street
Syracuse, New York, 13202
(315) 435-1900

Biographical History

The Onondaga County Public Library Beauchamp Branch Neighborhood Photodocumentation Project was funded by the New York State Archives and Records Administration's Documentary Heritage Program. The project was intended to create a collection of photographs which would document the African American community served by the Beauchamp Branch Library. Members of the community were asked to bring in personal photographs during four scheduled copy clinics held during May 1994 at the Beauchamp Branch Library. Selected photographs were copied by Ellen Blalock, a professional photographer, using a 35mm camera and black and white film. One set of negatives and two sets of photographs were developed and printed by ProLab, a commercial photographic laboratory. The photographs and negatives were then housed in archival-quality albums. These photographs, including the negatives, are at the main branch of the Onondaga County Public Library, in the Local History/Genealogy Department.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

This collection contains photographs contributed by over 20 families living in the Beauchamp Branch Library neighborhood. The photographs include family photographs and photographs of businesses and people in the Beauchamp Branch Library neighborhood. A project guide contains information on the families who contributed the photographs, as well as information on the photographs themselves. Also included in the archives is information on the grant that was used to fund this project, and promotional material used by the library to advertise this collection.

Series 1: Photographs Prints, Negatives and Digital Images

This series encompasses the black and white prints of the grant photographs, the negatives of these photographs, and their digital files saved on a CD and a flash drive. This series also includes duplicate prints, enlargements and mounted display prints of the photographs.

Series 2: DHP Grant Material

This series documents all aspects of the DHP grant for the Beauchamp Branch Library Photodocumentation Project. Files include copies of the grant reports, participant release forms, information on the photo clinics, brochures advertising the project, newspaper clippings and grant publicity, grant employee files, grant supplies and contractual information.

Series 3: Onondaga County Public Library Beauchamp Branch Neighborhood Photodocumentation Project Collection Guide, 1994

This series contains both the draft and the final copy of the project collection guide. This guide is divided into two parts. The first part provides information about the person who supplied in the photographs, and is arranged alphabetically by participant. The second part provides information about the photographs and is arranged by accession number.

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Arrangement of the Collection

The collection is arranged into series based on broad subject categories. Photographs are stored together and arranged in archival albums by accession number, followed by duplicates and display photographs in no particular order. Grant material is arranged in folders and kept in the order that it was donated by the Beauchamp Branch Library.

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Access Restrictions

Patron must have a valid OCPL library card.

Use Restrictions

User must use materials in the Local History and Genealogy Department of OCPL.
Permission must be obtained from staff for reproduction of any materials.

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Related Material

For online users, a photograph collection is available on New York Heritage.

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Subject Headings


Abrams, Josie
Adams, Dan
Adams, Danny
Adams, Druscilla
Adams, Luana Dortch
Adams, Marzet
Adams, Odessa Mayes
Adams, Sam
Adams, Sammie
Adams, Ulysses
Adams, Willie
Alexander, Lee
Alexander, Vincent
Allen, Cameron
Allen, Norman
Allen, Sheila
Asamoah, Julie
Asamoah, Yvonne Wood
Asamoah-Wade, Yolanda Afua
Atkins, J.
Beckwith, Andra
Bennett, Guernsey
Bennett, Mrs.
Betsey, Larinda
Black, Larene
Black, Lory
Blalock, Ellen
Blaye, Lory
Booker, Fantashia
Brady, Charles
Branch, Andrew
Branch, Gladys
Branch, Herman
Breland, Emmanuel
Breland, Gary
Breland, Ida
Breland, Linda Irving
Breland, Manny
Breland, Richard
Breland, ‘Junie’
Bristol, Jean
Bristol. William
Brooks, Edward
Brown, Andrew
Brown, Clem
Brown, Clement
Brown, Darryll
Brown, Gwen
Brown, Joe III
Brown, Larry
Brown, Mildred
Brown, Sadie Beasley
Brown, Stan
Brown, Steven
Buchanan, Ruby
Bullock, Dave
Burdyne, Felicia
Bussie, Sally
Bynun, Gene
Campbell, Laura
Campbell, Pat
Carter, Susan
Carter, Susie
Carter, William
Chiles, William
Cole, Barbara Pritchard
Cole, Elroy
Cole, Emma
Cole, Joselynn E.
Cole, Nellie
Coleman, Melvin
Coleman, Patricia
Cooper, Elaine
Cowsert, Gertrude
Cross, Ida
Cross, Viola
Cunningham, Earlene
Daniels, April
Daniels, Benjamin
Daniels, Emily
Daniels, Eugene
Daniels, Jason
Daniels, Jay
Daniels, Jennifer
Daniels, Karen
Daniels, Lillian
Daniels, Marc
Daniels, Mariya
Daniels, Matthew Clifford
Daniels, Matthew III
Daniels, Miles
Daniels, Robin
Daniels, Robyne Curry
Daniels, Stephanie
Daniels, Tamaya
Davis, Evelyn
Davis, Ted
Davis, Verna Mae
Deb, Isam
Decure, Siola
Dewberry, Reverend
Dorsey, Carla
Dunham, Billy
Dunham, Joyce
Dupree, Geraddie
Dupree, James
Dupree, Lillie
English, Lillian
English, Liz
English, Regina
Ervin, Linda
Espy, Lillian
Eudell, Corey
Eudell, Jonnie
Eudell, Vernon
Eure, Charles
Fain, Stella
Fain, Tasha
Fay, Edith
Fields, Lillie
Finley, Zell
Fleming, Pete
Folsom, Helen
Ford, Art
Fox, Golia Rhoda
Francis, Frankie
Francis, Katherine
Francis, Luther
Francis, Margie Cole
Funderburg, Jaras
Funderburg, Quatese
Garland, Benjamin
Gaskin, Winston
Genovese, Anna Marie
Gilbert, Doris
Goldstein, Eugene
Green, Eliott
Green, Nesbit
Gunn, William Donald
Halbut, Jane Cole
Hamilton, Benoit
Hamilton, Marvella
Hammonds, Francis
Handley, Mr.
Handy, Richard
Hanes, Dardrequez
Harlow, Bridget
Harlow, Carmen
Harlow, Craig
Harlow, Delphine
Harlow, Franklin
Harlow, Franklin Jr.
Harlow, Howie
Harlow, Loren
Harlow, Philip
Harlow, Priscilla
Harlow, Sandra
Harlow, Sirena
Harlow, Virginia
Harper, Merlin
Harper, Polly
Harrington, Mary
Harris, Alice
Harris, Percy
Harrison, Connie
Hayden, Al
Hayden, Geneva
Hayden, George
Haynes, Karmesha
Haynes, Olivia
Hays, Theresa
Hernandez, Alma
Hernandez, Lupe
Herring, Berthetta
Herring, Keith X.
Herring, Sean
Hickson, Monroe
Hill, John
Hills, Patty Jo
Hinds, Henrietta
Hodge, Carrie
Holmes, Medea Annetta
Holmes, Melody
Holmes, Regis
Holmes, Sherri
Holmes, Terri
Housley, Brenda
Housley, Earnestine Powell
Housley, Sammie Jr.
Hously, Sammie
Hyland, Dick
Irons, Gerald
Irons, William
Jackson, Florence
Jackson, Jean
Jackson, Laura
Jackson, Lois
Jackson, Mr.
Jackson, Shannon
Johnson, Herbert ‘Hoppy’ Jr.
Johnson, Rod
Jones, Charles
Jones, Greta
Jones, Jessie
Jones, Jessie Jr.
Jones, Reverend
Jones, Rufus
Jones, Ted
Kearse, Barbara
Kearse, Butch
Kearse, David
Kearse, Homer
Kemp. Edward Sr.
Kilbride, Danny
Kimbrough, Alisa
Kimbrough, Deidre
Kimbrough, Michael Leonard
Kirby, Gwendolyn
Kirby, Mildred
Kirby, Richard
Lanigan, Isobel
Leby, Elizabeth
Lee, Harry E.
Lee, Louise Berry
Lee, Oliver Jr.
Lewis, Kenny
Looper, Thelma
Lorick, Ruth Philomenia
Lozano, Professor
Maccoy, Edward
Maccroy, Nancy
MacDowell, Curtis
Martin, LaRae
Martin, Leonard
Martin, Regina
Martin, Terri
McDonald, Fanny
McKee, Mabel
McKinsey, Brenda
McMullin, Hattie Campbell Jenkins
Merrick, Lorraine
Mitchell, Aisha
Mitchell, Cheryl Wilkins
Mitchell, Frank
Mitchell, Masai
Mitchell, ‘Junie’
Moller, Ursula
Moody, Betty
Moody, Donald
Moody, Dorothy
Moody, Garland
Moody, Marie
Moore, Andrea
Moore, Barbara
Moore, Emily
Moore, Jackie Warren
Moore, Joi
Moore, Justin
Moore, Margaret Werts
Moore, Mia
Moore, Vivian
Mordecai, Sophronia
Morgan, Eugene
Morgan, Joseph
Morgan, Shari
Moulton, Jean
Murphy, Mary Grace
Murphy, Mrs.
Murphy, Reverend
Murray, Laysill
Nelson, Marshall
Newkirk, Louis
Newton, Carrie
Odom, John
Olgetree, Cheri
O’Flynn, Milton
Page, Elizabeth
Peggett, Mr.
Pertilla, Carlyle ‘Yodie’
Peterson, Dorothy
Peterson, Hubert
Philips, Cynthia
Philips, Jean
Prettyman, Larry Ali
Prettyman, Rose
Price, Willena
Randel, Eunice
Raspberry, Gloria
Raspberry, Robert
Ratliff, Ethel
Razer, Edith
Reddick, Joe
Reeves, Julius
Rhodes, Freddy
Richardson, Corine
Robinson, Oliver
Rogers, Danielle
Ross, Queenie
Rowe, John
Russell, Mary Lillian Vann Beasley
Rux, Mrs.
Rux, Raymond
Sapp, Bob
Scott, Arnold
Scott, Clifford
Scott, Della
Scott, Dorothy
Scott, Gray
Scott, Helene
Scott, Howard
Scott, Tiffany
Scott, William
Sease, Dorothy
Sease, Mildred
Sease, Mrs.
Shealey, Ida
Shepard, Donald
Shields, David
Shields, Shirley
Simmons, Eric
Singleton, Mrs.
Smith, Deola
Smith, Eva Mae
Smith, Fred
Smith, Myrtle
Smith, Shirley
Smith. William Henry
Stewart, Jessie Patricia
Stokes, Vera
Syrocki, Bernie
Tark, Elizabeth
Terry, Debra O'Nimitz
Terry, Tequila
Tierney, Jim
Trische, Bonita
Trische, Howard
Trische, Melvin
Trische, Norma
Tucker, Edward
Tucker, Everest
Turner, Jim
Turner, Minnie
Vanderpool. Gerald
Vire, Albert
Vire, Artice Jean McDonald
Vire, Brian
Vire, Charean
Vire, Christine
Vire, Daniel
Vire, Jean McDonald
Vire, Kendra
Vire, Kenneth
Vire, Shawn
Vire, ‘Grandma’
Wade, Windsor
Walker, Harriet
Warren, Anire
Warren, Dorothy Cook
Warren, Floyd ‘Mike’ Lester
Warren, Leta Mae
Washington, Barbara
Webb, Fred
Webster, Suzanne
Werts, Bess Rhea
Werts, Clarence
Werts, Eleanor Brown
Werts, Elizabeth Marie
Werts, Henry
Werts, Marjorie
Werts, Raymond
Werts, Raymond
Werts, Rex
Werts, Robert
Werts, Sadie
Werts, Walter
West, Cherly
West, Mildred
White, Annette Smith
White, John ‘Tinker’
White, Michael
Wiggins, Rufus Lee
Wilkins, Cheryl
Wilkins, David
Wilkins, David Jr.
Wilkins, Eugene Edward
Wilkins, John
Wilkins, Leona
Wilkins, Marjorie Werts
Wilkins, Mark
Wilkins, Rachielle
Wilkins, Stephen
Wilkins, Sumpter
Wilkins, Willie Mae
Williams, Andre
Williams, Andy
Williams, Berdie Mae
Williams, Charley
Williams, Eugene
Williams, Evelyn B.
Williams, Germaine
Williams, Glenda
Williams, Helen Thomas
Williams, James
Williams, John
Williams, Levi
Williams, Lillian
Williams, Mr.
Williams, Priscilla Harlow
Williams, Zelma
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, Janice
Wilson, Mary Ann
Wood, Frank
Wood, Peggy Wright
Wynn, Bernice Sanders
Wynn, Ernest
Wynn, Linter Curtis
Wynn, Pam
Wynn, Shakeina
Yarborough, ‘Junie’

Corporate Bodies

Onondaga County Public Library - Beauchamp Branch


African Americans--New York (State)--Syracuse--Social life and customs--Pictorial works


New York State—Pictorial Works
Syracuse (N.Y.)—History
Syracuse (N.Y.)—Pictorial works

Genres and Forms

Newspaper clippings

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Onondaga County Public Library Beauchamp Branch Photodocumentation Project, 1994
Onondaga County Public Library
Local History and Genealogy Department
Shelf Location: MS-17

Finding Aid Information

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Date: February 5, 2014
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Photograph Prints and Negatives,
Box 1 Black and white photographs, accession numbers 94.1 - 94.16, Binders 1-3, Negatives for all grant photographs, 1994
Box 2 Black and white photographs, accession numbers 94.18 - 94.24 and photographs of neighborhood businesses, Binders 4-5, misc. binder (duplicates), 1994
Box 3 Black and white photographs, duplicate photographs and enlargements of photographs, Binders 7-8, misc. binder of photographs not included in the DHP project, 1994
Box 5-8 Enlarged Prints mounted on coreboard, 1994
New York State Archives and Records Administration's Document Heritage Grant
Grant materials,
Box 4 Files for all aspects of the DHP grant, publicity, employees and participants, 1993-1994
Onondaga County Public Library Beauchamp Branch Neighborhood Photodocumentation Project Collection Guide
Collection Guide,
Box 4A Collection guides, draft and final copy, 1994

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