Quilt Patterns of Onondaga County, 1919 - 1923

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Virginia Beauchamp
Title: Quilt Patterns of Onondaga County, 1919 - 1923
Dates: 1919-1923
Quantity: 1 linear foot
Abstract: This collection is comprised of 373 hand-drawn representations of quilts from various locations across Onondaga County and beyond completed by Virginia Beauchamp.
Language: English
Repository: Onondaga County Public Library
Local History & Genealogy Department
447 South Salina Street
Syracuse, New York, 13202
(315) 435-1900

Biographical History

Virginia Beauchamp was a graduate of the University of Michigan. After teaching for 20 years in Colorado, she returned home and became the Director of the Syracuse Home Association and the Onondaga Historical Society, Secretary of the Visiting Nurses’ Association, on the Executive Council of the South Side Library Association, and a member of the Syracuse Botanical Society. Virginia died on February 22, 1923.

Virginia’s quilt patterns were donated to the library by her sister, Grace B. Lodder in November, 1945.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

This collection consists of 419 patterns drawn to scale and finished with watercolor paints in order to imitate the colors of the actual quilts upon which the representations are based. Although the patterns were completed from 1919-1923, many were based on quilts made before 1850 and are thus an important record of domestic life from that time. This collection consists of all of the original 419 patterns donated to the library.

Series 1: Quilt Patterns.

This series includes numerous folders containing the aforementioned quilt patterns, as well as five DVD discs containing digitized images of each quilt pattern in an uncompressed TIFF format. The digitized images were scanned and uploaded along with descriptions to the New York Heritage website (http://tinyurl.com/373quilts) were they can be accessed free of charge.

Series 2: Indexes.

This series contains 3 indexes; the first two contain listings of the original 419 patterns that the collection contained along with titles, persons names and years when available. The third index contains the same information for selected patterns that were borrowed by the Canal Museum on November 28, 1975.

Series 3: Display Items.

This series contains a brief description of the collection mounted on a small display board from when the collection was on display at the Syracuse Public Library in December, 1945 and a small sign directing people to the second floor to view the exhibit. Also included is information from the Syracuse Herald American newspaper informing readers that the collection was on display, and a small piece of an actual quilt. It is unknown whether the quilt sample belonged to Virginia or was based on a pattern that she made.

Series 4: Obituaries.

This series contains several obituaries for Virginia Beauchamp retrieved from local newspapers.

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Arrangement of the Collection

The quilt patterns in this collection had been previously numbered (likely by librarians at the time of donation), grouped loosely based on style and placed into folders. Although the original folders have been replaced with new acid-free folders to help preserve the documents, the original organization of the collection has been retained.

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Access Restrictions

User must have a valid Onondaga County Public Library card.

Use Restrictions

User must use materials in the Local History and Genealogy Department of the Central Library.
Permission must be obtained from staff for reproduction of any materials.

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Related Material

For online users, a the collection is available on New York Heritage. There are related materials in the Local History/Genealogy Department of the Onondaga County Central Library pertaining to Virginia Beauchamp and her family. Please check with OCPL staff to access additional material.

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Subject Headings


Ackerman, Mrs.
Alexander, Mrs. Geo.
Annabel, Mrs.
Armstrong, Mrs.
Baly, Mrs.
Beatty, Mrs.
Beauchamp, Virginia
Bench, Mrs.
Benneis, Eliza
Bentley, Mrs.
Besnis, Mrs.
Betts, Mrs.
Billington, Mrs.
Blanding, Mrs.
Boat, Miss
Borst, Miss
Breade, Mrs.
Brewster, Mrs.
Brown, Mrs.
Buck, Mrs.
Burdick, Mrs.
Burke, Mrs.
Burlingham, Mrs.
Butolph, Mrs.
Butterfield, Mrs.
Cabean, Mrs.
Cahill, Mrs.
Calkins, Mrs.
Carpenter, Mrs.
Carver, Miss
Carver, Mrs.
Cathers, Mrs.
Cavanaugh, Mrs.
Chadwick, Mrs.
Chambers, Mrs.
Churchill, Mrs.
Clark, Miss
Clark, Mrs. Howard
Clarke, Mrs.
Collins, Mrs.
Connor, Mrs.
Cool, Mrs.
Courtney, Mrs.
Craig, Mrs.
Crossett, Miss
Daboll, Mrs. Chas.
Dagget, Miss Caroline
Davey, Mrs.
Davis, Mrs.
De Mott, Mrs.
Diefendorf, Mrs.
Dillingham, Mrs.
Douglass, Mrs.
Doyle, Mrs.
Drake, Miss M.
Drake, Mrs.
Driesnak, Mrs.
Duvall-Paddock, Mrs. Sarah
Dyce, Mrs.
Eates, Mrs.
Ellis, Mrs.
Ely, Mrs.
Estey, Mrs.
Fersther, Mrs.
Fisher, Miss
Fisher, Mrs.
Fitch, Miss
Fitch, Mrs.
Forsythe, Mrs.
Freyer, Mrs.
Garrett, Mrs.
Gibbons, Mrs. H.
Gilbert, Mrs.
Goodhue, Mrs.
Goodrich, Mrs.
Gouzby, Mrs.
Graff, Mrs.
Guinell, Mrs.
Harning, Mrs.
Hart, Mrs.
Heath, Mrs.
Hilton, Miss
Horner, Mrs.
Hotaling, Mrs.
House, Mrs.
Hoyt, Mrs.
Hudson, Mrs.
Ireland, Mrs.
Jamieson, Mrs.
Jarvis, Mrs.
Jones, Mrs. E.
Kellogg, Mrs.
La Tourette, Mrs.
Link, Mrs.
Mahlerwein, Mrs.
Mason, Mrs.
Merriman, Mrs.
Morley, Mrs.
Mowery, Mrs.
Moyer, Mrs.
Munson, Miss
Newell, Mrs.
Norton, Mrs.
Nutting, Mrs.
O’Mara, Mrs.
Parce, Mrs.
Parcell, Mrs.
Pfeiffer, Mrs.
Pierce, Mrs. Electa
Pierce, Mrs. F.
Purchase, Mrs.
Regan, Mrs.
Rice, Mrs.
Robinson, Mrs.
Rounds, Mrs.
Saddler, Mrs.
Salter, Mrs.
Scharff, Mrs.
Schepp, Mrs.
Schwarting, Mrs.
Seibert, Mrs.
Sharp, Mrs.
Showalter, Mrs.
Skinner, Mrs.
Smith, Mrs. O.D.
Snavlin, Mrs.
Spaulding, Miss
Sprague, Mrs.
Strong, Mrs.
Sweeney, Mrs.
Sweet, Elizabeth
Taylor, Mrs.
Thomas, Mrs.
Timmerman, Mrs.
Tolman, Mrs.
Upson, Mrs.
Wagner, Mrs.
White, Mrs.
Wilbur, Mrs.
Wilkinson, Miss
Winchell, Mrs.
Winfield, Mrs.
Wollaston, Mrs.
Wortman, Mrs.
Yale, Mrs.
York, Mrs.
Zobie, Mrs.


Quilting—United States—Patterns
Quilts—United States
Quilts—United States—History


Cayuga County (N.Y)
Nassau County (N.Y.)
Northampton County (P.A.)
Onondaga County (N.Y.)
Oswego County (N.Y)
Wayne County (N.Y.)

Genres and Forms

Newspapers—Sections, columns, etc.
Quilted goods
Watercolor paintings

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Quilt Patterns of Onondaga County Collection, 1919-1923
Onondaga County Public Library
Local History and Genealogy Department
Shelf Location: MS-15

Acquisition Information

The watercolor quilt patterns in this collection were donated by Grace B. Lodder to the Syracuse Public Library.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: Michelle Waltos
Date: July 26, 2013
Revision history:

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Series 1: Quilt Patterns
Box 1, Folder 1 Quilt patterns 1-18: Triangles
Box 1, Folder 2 Quilt patterns 19-71 (many missing; actual contents: 32, 34, 46, 48, 51, 52, 55)
Box 1, Folder 3 Quilt patterns 72-86: Log Cabin, Ribbon quilts
Box 1, Folder 4 Quilt patterns 87-100: Squares
Box 1, Folder 5 Quilt patterns 101-110: Octagons
Box 1, Folder 6 Quilt patterns 111-118: Squares set with triangles
Box 1, Folder 7 Quilt patterns 119-129: Old Maid’s Puzzle, circles, diamonds
Box 1, Folder 8 Quilt patterns 130-137: Hexagons
Box 1, Folder 9 Quilt patterns 138-161: Stars
Box 1, Folder 10 Quilt patterns 162-170: Saw Tooth, Tray & Snuffers, Bear’s Paw or Duck’s Foot in the Mud, Farmer’s Wrench – Hole in the Barn – Bird’s Nest
Box 1, Folder 11 Quilt patterns 171-178: Stars with circles
Box 1, Folder 12 Quilt patterns 179-182: Trees with houses
Box 1, Folder 13 Quilt patterns 183-193: Odd patterns
Box 1, Folder 14 Quilt patterns 194-216: Bear’s Paw or Duck’s Foot in the Mud
Box 1, Folder 15 Quilt patterns 217-235: Stars, trees
Box 1, Folder 16 Quilt patterns 236-247: Blazing stars
Box 1, Folder 17 Quilt patterns 248-266: Garden Path or Double Cross, Cross Patch, crosses
Box 1, Folder 18 Quilt patterns 267-286: Squares and triangles
Box 1, Folder 19 Quilt patterns 287-293: Postals
Box 1, Folder 20 Quilt patterns 294-313: Baskets
Box 1, Folder 21 Quilt patterns 314-319: Capital T
Box 1, Folder 22 Quilt patterns 320-331 (miscellaneous)
Box 1, Folder 23 Quilt patterns 332-344 (miscellaneous)
Box 1, Folder 24 Quilt patterns 345-356: Flowers
Box 1, Folder 25 Quilt patterns 357-369: Flowers
Box 1, Folder 26 Quilt patterns 370-382: Flowers
Box 1, Folder 27 Quilt patterns 383-394: Flowers
Box 1, Folder 28 Quilt patterns 395-406 (miscellaneous)
Box 1, Folder 29 Quilt patterns 407-419 (miscellaneous)
Box 1, Folder 30 Five DVD discs containing digitized images of each quilt pattern in an uncompressed TIFF format
Series 2: Indexes
Box 1, Folder 31 Indexes (2 copies) that list titles, names, and years for the 419 patterns originally held in the collection; one index listing selected items borrowed by the Erie Canal Museum on November 28, 1975.
Series 3: Display Items
Box 1, Folder 32 Ephemera from the display of the collection at the Syracuse Public Library in 1945 including a brief description of the collection, a sign directing patrons to their location, a fragment of an actual quilt, and a newspaper clipping from the Syracuse Herald American newspaper.
Series 4: Obituaries
Box 1, Folder 33 Obituaries for Virginia Beauchamp from local newspapers (1923).

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