Audio and Video Studios

The Makerspace has 2 studios available for audio and video production. In both studios we have Apple iMacs that are loaded with GarageBand, Audacity, iMovie and Blender. We also have a variety of microphones, a green screen, studio lights, DSLR and GoPro cameras, electric and acoustic guitars, as well as keyboard synthesizers among other gadgets.

  • Reservations are limited to 3 hours per session, per day, unless there is extra time available in the schedule. The person that booked the studio must be actively producing music. You forfeit your reservation if you are more than fifteen (15) minutes late. Short breaks (under 15 minutes) are permissible, longer breaks may result in cancellation of your session. Please call us if you need to cancel or re-schedule your session.
  • All projects must be saved to a flash drive, a CD/DVD-R, an email or cloud storage such as Google Drive.
  • You must have a library card in order to book studio time. Although it is permissible to have up to 4 people in either studio at the same time, everyone must show valid ID and sign-in at the staff desk. You may be asked to show your ID or library card even if you are a regular user of the studios.
  • Dry snacks (like chips) and capped drinks are acceptable in the Makerspace, while prepared food (sandwiches, pizzas, etc.) are not.