PETIT: Art Exhibit: Triptychs and Constructions

Thu, Apr 25th (All day)
Event Type: 
Art Exhibit

Triptychs and Constructions

Robert Poormon

I like making marks. I have great respect for those who "paint", but I like to build, to assemble, to dialogue with my materials as a project seeks resolution. 

"My work is a continuing exploration of mark making, along with a careful consideration of formal design elements." -Karen Schultz, Q=A=Q

It often starts with a glimpse, a shape, an arrangement or alignment, a scene or an idea about a scene. Somewhere between the figurative and the conceptual, I start toward an iteration of that motivating observation.

I've been working with heavy corrugated boxboard material for several years. I love how workable it is, and how durable it can be made. I am attempting to push this material to its limits, and most of my work ends up unframed, self-contained, naked in the world and, I suppose, somewhat vulnerable.