One Syracuse One Shakespeare

This Spring, Think Shakespeare!

A photo of the Lady Macbeth statue in Washington DCThis spring and early summer both Red House Theater and Syracuse Shakespeare in the Park will be performing Macbeth. This is a great opportunity for our entire community to look closely at this dark, mysterious, and wonderful play. What lessons do Macbeth and Lady Macbeth offer for readers today? Is Macbeth corrupted by power or was he broken at the start? What would have happened if Lady Macbeth had been left in charge?

Red House runs from April 1-10 and Syracuse Shakespeare in the Park runs from June 3rd to 12th. We are happy to support both of these local theater companies as they bring the Bard to Salt City. We have some wonderful partnerships as well so look for more information and events with both Theater Companies, the Everson Museum of Art, Le Moyne College, and the Friends of the Central Library. Thank you to our partners as we work together to make “The Scottish Play” the talk of the town.