CommUNITY Rhythms

photo of hands on bongo drumsA FUN RHYTHM EVENT FOR ALL AGES

Do you love music?

Do you tap to the beat of your favorite songs?

Come to a drum circle and let’s have some fun! You’ll learn some basic rhythms as we jam with djembe drums, shakers and bells. It’s simple, fun and anyone can do it! Creative rhythms Drum Events inspire and strengthen a sense of community, courage and confidence through various facilitated rhythm modules.

Creative Rhythms is a wellness program designed by Sandra Sabene/Certified DC Facilitator and expressive arts instructor offering inspiration to communities along the east coast since 2007.

Supported by funds from the M&T Charitable Foundation.


Beauchamp Branch Library
Tuesday, July 2
2:00 PM

Hazard Branch Library
Wednesday, July 3
2:00 PM

Mundy Branch Library
Friday, July 5
2:00 PM

Central Library
Monday, July 8
2:00 PM

Paine Branch Library
Tuesday, July 9
3:00 PM

Betts Branch Library
Wednesday, July 10
2:30 PM

White Branch Library
Thursday, July 11
2:00 PM

Petit Branch LIbrary
Friday, July 12
2:00 PM