Jeff the Magic Man Events

Jeff the Magic ManThe Magic of Reading Show with Jeff D’Ambrosio

Follow Jeff the Magic Man on a fun journey through Magical Storyland!

You will get a chance to see a cat with a hat and will even be made honorary wizards at the Warthogs School of Wizards!

Supported by funds from the M&T Charitable Foundation.

June / July / August

Central Library
June 27th @2pm

Betts Branch
June 29th @2pm

Hazard Branch
July 6th @2pm

Soule Branch
July 11th
5:00 PM

Beauchamp Branch
July 13th
6:00 PM

Northeast Community Center
August 8th
11:00 AM

Petit Branch
August 9th
2:00 PM

Southwest Community Center
August 10th
11:00 AM

Mundy Branch
August 15th
1:00 PM

Paine Branch
August 16th
11:00 AM

White Branch
August 16th
2:00 PM

NOPL North Syracuse
August 17th
2:00 PM