Summer Slide

What is Summer Slide?

What is Summer Slide?

Summer Slide is when children forget things they learned during the previous school year. Children may return to school in September reading at a lower level than they were reading the previous June. They may forget math skills such as multiplication or have trouble concentrating. Summer Slide happens when children don’t use their academic skills throughout the summer. Just like your other muscles, if you don’t exercise your brain, it gets weaker. This is why Summer Matters!

How can I stop Summer Slide from happening?

You can help prevent Summer Slide in your children by reading a little bit every day, children reduce the loss of reading skills, maintain their reading level, or possibly gain reading skills. The same thing is true in other areas; STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities, such as making volcanos, starting an ant farm, or building a model, keep children thinking and encourage their interest in these subjects.

How can OCPL’s Summer Learning Program help?

OCPL’s Summer Learning Program can help by encouraging your children to read by earning small prizes throughout the summer. When children talk to a librarian, or log a book online, they are prompted to think about the book they read, strengthening their understanding of the book. OCPL’s Summer Learning Program also helps by providing STEM activities in our libraries, such as the MOST Traveling Science Show and Zoo to You. Libraries have many other activities occurring all summer long; find out what’s happening in city libraries on our Events Calendar or check with your library for other programs.