Week 2: Ages 6-12

July 13-18: Magical Creatures

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Zoo to You
Wednesday, July 15
1:30 PM

Can an owl turn its head all the way around? Do porcupines shoot their quills? Can turtles leave their shells? Find out by joining the Rosamond Gifford Zoo virtually as they present and analyze some myths and misconceptions about animals found at the zoo! You will see some never before seen videos of the zoo animals, hear from their keepers, meet animals live and up close, and ask questions to a zoo educator. This 45 minute interactive program for all ages is sure to keep everyone engaged. So be sure to register to help debunk some common animal myths!

To attend, please register and include your email to receive the event link in your registration confirmation.


Magical & Mythical Creatures


Find Your Dragon Name

Draw a Unicorn


Unicorn Slime


5 Mythical Creatures That REALLY Existed