Week 3: Ages 0-5

July 20-25: Magic

Moreland the MagicianEvents

Moreland the Magician's LIVE Virtual Magic Show – on Zoom!
Tuesday, July 21
2:00 PM
Wednesday, July 22
10:00 AM and 2:00 PM

Join David Moreland the Magician for a high-energy 30-minute LIVE show – especially for patrons of the Syracuse city libraries. The show will feature magic, comedy, puppets, and – YES! -- audience participation and volunteers from the audience! During the show, Moreland will take you ‘behind the scenes’ and teach you a couple of magic tricks you can perform at home.
** Supported by funds from the M&T Charitable Foundation. **

To attend, please register and include your email to receive the event link in your registration confirmation. 
All three programs are identical, please only sign up for one program.
July 21
July 22, 10:00 AM
July 22, 2:00 PM

Story Time with OCPL

Miss Anne reads Where the Wild Things Are

Nursery Rhymes

I see you, peek-a-boo!
Peek-a-boo, (Put hands over baby’s eyes, remove them quickly)
I see you, I see you (Point to baby)
I see your button nose (Point to nose)
I see your tiny toes (Point to toes or shoes)
I see you (Point to baby)

Where is Thumbkin?
Where is Thumbkin? Where is Thumbkin? (hands in fists in front of you)
Here I am. Here I am. (bring out one thumb and then the other)
How are you today, sir? (make one thumb bow)
Very well, I thank you. (make the other thumb bow)
Run away. Run away. (put one hand, then the other behind back)
{Repeat the song replacing “Thumbkin” with the following:)
Pointer (index finger)
Tallman (middle finger)
Ringman (ring finger)
Pinkie (little finger)
and Family (wave all fingers).
At the end of the final verse, instead of “run away” sing:)
Here to stay. Here to stay. (give baby a little tickle with hands or a big hug)


Story Time with Surrey Libraries