3D Printing Services

We have three 3D printers at the Makerspace, available for patrons use. You may use a 3D printer on your own by completing mandatory training, or by participating in a scheduled demonstration (please see the calendar for upcoming dates). 

How Do They Work?

3D printers build three-dimensional objects out of plastic by extruding hot plastic layer after layer, building an object from the ground up. You may use an existing model downloaded from www.thingiverse.com, or you can design your own model by using 123D Design. All of our 3D printers print using PLA plastic, a biodegradable plastic made from corn.

Learn More

Lynda.com – From CAD to GarageBand, you’ll find professional tutorials on Lynda.com.

123D Design Video Tutorials

Up and Running with 123D Design on Lynda.com

Hour of Code – Coding made EASY!

Codecademy: Learn to Code – Python, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, SQL and Java can all be learned here through guided exercises.