Central Library Art Display: Positivity Paintings

Tue, May 30th (All day)
Event Type: 
Art Exhibit
Age Group: 

STEAM at Dr. King Elementary

Positivity Paintings: 
STEAM at Dr. King Elementary School 5th graders had an opportunity to paint inspirational words and images on canvas to generate positivity. STEAM at Dr. King works to emphasize positive role modeling in our communities. Each day students repeat the Cougar Pledge: I am Loved. I am Kind. I am Respectful. I am Successful. I am a member of a Team and a Family. I am a Cougar. 

To create these paintings, students first created cool versus warm color compositions using non-objective style of painting. Then, they studied the concept of negative and positive space in art. With the aid of stencils, students created negative / positive text on top of the warm / cool compositions. They also had the option of creating positive imagery. 

Six student's paintings were chosen per class. The exhibition will rotate in new paintings for the second month of the exhibition.