Come have some fun in KidSpace, our interactive learning and early literacy center. Located on the second floor of Central Library, KidSpace has loads of books and lots of fun, educational activities for children ages 0-12.

Imagination is KeyTwo boys play with costumes and cash registers

Imagination is a key to learning and there’s lots to keep children ages 0-7 busy in READytown, an interactive play space. Your littlest ones can spend time in the First Steps area, which features bright colors, board books, mirrors and even a tunnel to crawl through. The Play and Learn activity center provides parents, caregivers and children an opportunity to practice the five early literacy skills needed to prepare children for kindergarten. The themed activities focus on talking, singing, reading, writing and playing while engaging children.


READytown also offers preschoolers, ages 3-7,  a chance to hone their building skills, use their imaginations and create a world of fun.

A girl plays at the tool bench stationOur Gear Factory has a workbench filled with tools, a train table, a Lego building area and a Mag wall that helps children understand slope, cause and effect, momentum and gravity.

Step into Jane’s House and Garden where you will find a complete kitchen set-up, a flower box bursting with colorful blooms and a box garden that hides some wonderful buried vegetable treasures.

Children can take a trip to our Corner Store, where they will find shopping bags they can fill with healthy fruits and vegetables from our baskets and when they have completed their shopping they can head to the checkout where a cash register with play money awaits!

Aspiring actors will find a treasure trove of costumes behind the curtain at Central Stage! Firefighters, mermaids and princesses can play for hours in our creative space which houses an art table and a set of play musical instruments.

No KidSpace would be complete without a Book Nook – the perfect place for young readers to curl up with their favorite story. You’ll find hundreds of books for children of all ages and our staff is always ready to offer reading suggestions.A family enjoys the PVC toys

Older children will find plenty to do in our second-floor MakerSpace, which supports STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math). Here they can learn, create and collaborate through robotics, building kits, Xbox gaming, traditional board games and arts and crafts.

Throughout KidSpace you’ll find iPads, Launchpads and desktops loaded with educational software.

If there’s still energy to expend, check out our Big Blue Blocks. They encourage child-directed, unstructured free play to support creativity and sensory exploration.

Special events and performances are scheduled throughout the year so be sure to check out our website and events calendar at