Available Technology


Access Center for People with Disabilities

The  STAR Lab at the Central Library has several accessible options available for people with disabilities.
Several other OCPL locations also offer a variety of accessible technology options.
See the Adaptive Technologies page for full details. 

Color Printer

Some OCPL locations have color copiers available.
Please check our Color Printer webpage or contact your local library directly.

Fax Machines

All OCPL locations have faxing services available.
For details, please see our Faxing webpage or contact your local library directly. 

iPads for Kids

Some OCPL locations have iPads available for in-library use only.
Please call your local library to inquire.


Some OCPL locations have laptops available for in-library use only.
Please call your local library to inquire.

Printing / Copier / Scanning / Fax

All OCPL locations have black/ white combination printer / copier / scanner / fax machine available.
Please check our Color Printer webpage for details on color printers / copiers. 
Please call individual libraries for printer / copier / cost information. 

Public Computers

Public computers with Internet access are available at all OCPL locations.
A library card is required to use these computers.

The Local History & Genealogy Department at the Central Library has designated computers for genealogy research and resources.


All OCPL locations have a scanner available as part of a copier.
For flatbed, stand-alone scanners, please see our Scanning webpage. 

Wifi Access

All OCPL locations have wifi available.