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Search and view thousands of books from our collection scanned and digitized by Family Search.

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Please Note: Access to Hoopla is determined by your 'home' library. [See which libraries have access to Hoopla]

Patrons can stream movies, TV shows, audiobooks and music when they have a connection OR download movies, TV shows, audiobooks and music to their device and enjoy them offline. The download button appears when the item is checked out. Please note that this service has a daily checkout limit that resets at midnight. Borrowing halts for the day when the limit is reached, and re-starts at midnight.

PLEASE NOTE: Central and City of Syracuse branch patrons can have up to six (6) checkouts per month per patron.

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Libby by OverDrive includes currently popular e-books in epub, Kindle, and pdf formats, as well as eMagazines and downloadable audiobooks. 

You can download the items and check them out on your library card just like a regular book. 

Titles can be read or played on tablets, e-readers, computers and more. 

Meet LIBBY, the new eBook / Audiobook app by Overdrive.

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Individual ebook titles covering topics in history, biography, health, science and careers. Unlimited simultaneous use means these titles are always available. Search one title or across all Salem content.

The Following are Free Services - No Library Card Needed

Google Books is a great way to find millions of great books you can preview or read for free.

The Internet Archive provides access to ebooks, music, audiobooks, and a lot more, and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Its purpose includes offering permanent access to historical collections that exist in digital format to researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and to the general public. The Internet Archive includes texts, audio, moving images, and software as well as archived web pages.

Jamendo hosts over 7,000 albums for you to download for free and then review or share.

LibriVox provides free audiobooks from the public domain. There are several options for listening. They are powered by volunteers, and are a non-commercial, non-profit, and ad-free project, donating their recordings to the public domain.

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The New York State Talking Book and Braille Library (TBBL) lends audio and braille books and magazines, and the necessary playback equipment, to residents of the 55 upstate counties of New York State who are unable to use standard printed materials because of a visual or physical disability.

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NFB-NEWSLINE is a free audio news service for anyone who is blind, low-vision, deafblind, or otherwise print-disabled that offers access to Breaking News.

Open Library is an ever growing virtual catalog with individual webpages for millions of books. Contains a collection of over 1,000,000 free eBooks and as well as an eBook lending program for registered users. [Project of the Internet Archive.]

Largest collection of free eBooks on the internet. This collection is mainly focused on many classic works and other titles in the public domain.  Available in a wide variety of formats to use on different devices.

PureVolume is a website for the discovery and promotion of new music and emerging artists. Each artist has a profile that typically contains basic info, updates, photos, shows and music for streaming. Artists have the option of making each of their songs available for free download. Listeners and fans can also create profiles to interact with artists and each other, as well as track and share music they like.

The Internet Archive music collection provides access to nearly 600 virtual record labels found in the Netlabels collection, the unique contemporary compositions and performances found in the Other Minds collection, and the hundreds of popular songs from the early 20th Century found in the 78 RPM collection.