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Use FDO to find information on more than 98,000 U.S. foundations including direct corporate giving programs and company-sponsored foundations, 900,000 recent grants, and more than 400,000 key decision-makers.

FDO provides comprehensive, in-depth information on U.S. grantmakers and their grants, drawn from reliable sources, including IRS 990s, grantmaker web sites and annual reports, plus data provided directly by grantmakers. Data is compiled into four searchable databases - Grantmakers, Companies, Grants, and 990s.

Users can uncover even more information on prospective funders using a keyword-search across the entire database of IRS 990s and refine search results with six additional search fields. Searching  990's is particularly useful for quickly retrieving specific information found in the grants lists of 990s filed by smaller foundations.

FDO also includes value-added information, such as news updates from the PND Philanthropy News Digest, RFPs , and color charts and maps depicting grant distributions.

Information is updated weekly, with continuous updates of grantmaker news and publications, RFPs, job postings, and key staff affiliations as the information becomes available. Thousands of new Grantmaker 990s are added each month to the 990 search tool.

Most of the 12 search fields are indexed, making it easy to select search terms from an alphabetical listing. Now includes County, Metro Area and Congressional District as well as State and City.

Grantmaker Records include:

    • Grantmaker name and address – including any specific application address when available – and, in most cases, a contact name and phone number
    • Web site link and E-mail address
    • Establishment date and location
    • Purpose and activities statement
    • Fields of interest
    • Types of support
    • Trustee, officer, and donor names
    • Total assets and total annual giving
    • Links to the grantmaker's recent IRS 990s; and a list of up to ten selected grants for most larger foundations

Grants Records include:

  • Description of actual grants (over $10,000) including information about the funder and grant recipient
  • Funder's name, state, and geographic focus
  • Link to the full Grantmaker profile
  • Grant recipient - name, city, and state, as well as a link to the recipient's 990 and, where available, a link to their web site
  • Grant details - amount, year awarded, type of support, subject classification, and often, a brief description