Wireless Printing

Printing from wireless devices at OCPL city libraries:

*** Call Your Library for Details ***

You can easily print to any of the Syracuse city library public printers from your wireless device (laptop, tablet or smart phone), regardless of device or location.   

Use your browser, email or app to send your printout to a specific library printer.

Browser – Follow the link below that matches the library location where you want to pick up your print(s). Fill out the webform and then click the green printer icon.   

Central Library http://printeron.net/ocpl/central
Beauchamp Branch Library http://printeron.net/ocpl/beauchamp
Betts Branch Library  http://printeron.net/ocpl/betts
Hazard Branch Library http://printeron.net/ocpl/hazard
Mundy Branch Library http://printeron.net/ocpl/mundy
Paine Branch Library  http://printeron.net/ocpl/paine
Petit Branch Library  http://printeron.net/ocpl/petit
Soule Branch Library http://printeron.net/ocpl/soule
White Branch Library  http://printeron.net/ocpl/white

Email – send an email to the library printer using the appropriate email address listed below. Keep in mind that when you retrieve your printout, the email and its attachment(s) are printed separately.

All prints must be printed by the end of the day. 

Central Library, Level 1 –  ocpl-Central-Level1@printspots.com
Central Library, Level 3 –  ocpl-Central-Level3@printspots.com
Beauchamp Branch Library -- ocpl-Beauchamp@printspots.com
Betts Branch Library -- ocpl-Betts@printspots.com
Hazard Branch Library -- ocpl-Hazard@printspots.com
Mundy Branch Library -- ocpl-Mundy@printspots.com
Paine Branch Library -- ocpl-Paine@printspots.com
Petit Branch Library -- ocpl-Petit@printspots.com
Soule Branch Library -- ocpl-Soule@printspots.com
White Branch Library -- ocpl-White@printspots.com

App – install the PrinterOn app on your smartphone or tablet.  Once the app is downloaded and installed, you will need to search for the OCPL PrinterOn locations and then select the printer you want to print to.

Once you have sent something to print, go to the library’s public printer and follow the library’s procedure to pay for and release your print job(s).  In most cases you will go to the Self Service Station for computer reservations and print release. At a few libraries, staff will handle the payment and print release for you at the Circ desk. You will use your email address to retrieve your printout(s). Your printout(s) remain in the queue for two hours.

Additional Help

Instructions from Printeron.com

Directory: Search for print to all PrinterOn public print locations