Jeff the Magic Man Summer Events

2023 Summer Dates / Locations

Jeff the Magic Man is offering two different programs this summer. See the descriptions and information below!

Friends Stick Together!

Jeff is back with a brand-new magic show! Kindness, consideration, magic and learning are this year’s summer reading entertainment. Kids leave with a balloon creation to take home too! Supported by funds from the M&T Charitable Foundation.

Beauchamp Branch Library
July 20
3:00 pm

Paine Branch Library
August 1
3:00 pm

Petit Branch Library
August 2
3:00 pm

Southwest Community Connections Library
August 16
1:00 pm

Balloon Challenge Games!

Enjoy adventure camp style program working with your friends on hands-on games and challenges involving funs balloon puzzles. Supported by funds from the M&T Charitable Foundation.

Central Library
August 11
2:00 pm

White Branch
August 16
11:00 am

Hazard Branch
August 16
3:00 pm