Group of teens working with roboticsCentral Library

The Central Library Makerspace is an extension of resources typically offered by the library. Whether you are interested in creating videos and music, art and design, robots and software, clothing and accessories, or interacting with a community of other creative minded individuals, the Makerspace’s hands-on workshops and resources will provide you with the tools necessary to bring your projects to reality. We strive to foster an inclusive, tolerant and collaborative atmosphere that encourages learning and creativity for all members of the community.

The MakerSpace is available to those ages 12 and up.


The mission of the OCPL Makerspace is to provide Onondaga County communities with open-access to equipment and resources that encourage their projects, creativity and learning in a welcoming and knowledgeable space.


Our vision is a Syracuse where everyone has the means to creatively express themselves and share with others.

Makerspace Programs

Check out our monthly calendar for current program offerings or call 315-435-1813 to find out more. All Makerspace programs titles end with “in the Makerspace”.

Any questions? Please call the Makerspace at 315-435-1813.

Learn More About 3D Printing at Central Library

Learn More & Book the Audio Lab / Studio at Central Library

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Community Library of DeWitt & Jamesville

photo of patrons using the new makerspace at the Community Library of DeWitt and JamesvilleThe HIVE Makerspace at the Community library of DeWitt & Jamesville is committed to providing hands-on experiences which allow people to learn in a low-stress environment. Starting in 2017, The HIVE provides a dedicated area for patrons to explore the power of making in a digital environment through activities including digital arts and design, 3D printing, conversion of analog media to digital media, microcomputer customization, and IoT, among others.  We are especially interested in showcasing talents from our service area and are looking for experts who can guide novices through the stages of improving knowledge or skills, including documenting processes, failure, and iteration.

As part of our practical making and sustainability initiatives which integrate with the Library’s mission statement, we are bringing more diverse activities to The HIVE. In addition to our computer-based services detailed above, we are incorporating programs on making fermented foods, micro-gardening, sewing your own clothes, fiber arts, and DIY cosmetics.

The HIVE is available to those ages 13 and up or with an adult.


The mission of the CLD&J HIVE makerspace is to provide learning experiences through hands-on iterating and failing, which are necessary parts of the creative process and to provide individuals and groups with opportunities which encourage a love of making through the satisfaction of creating things that have never existed before.

Makerspace Programs

  • Fiber-Arts Drop-In
  • One-on-One Tech Help
  • Gardening Programs
  • Repair programs
  • DIY programs
  • Brewing programs

Check out our monthly calendar for current program offerings or call 315-446-3578 to find out more.

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Fayetteville Free Library Makerspace

Fayetteville Free Library makerspace

The Fayetteville Free Library (FFL) is the home of the first library makerspace in the United States. The library now contains 3 distinct makerspaces: the FFL Fab Lab, where digital fabrication technologies like 3D printers, laser engravers, sewing machines, and more are freely available to the public; the FFL Creation Lab for making digital media items such as photos, videos and audio recordings; and a Little Makersspace geared to children ages 5-8. To learn more visit or call 315-637-6374 ext. 2.

NOPL Makerspaces

Preservation Studio at NOPL at Brewerton

At the Preservation Studio inside Northern Onondaga Public Library (NOPL) at Brewerton you can convert your older, analog memories into digital formats. To learn more about the Preservation Studio and its equipment please visit

Maker Club at NOPL at Cicero

Northern Onondaga Public Library (NOPL) at Cicero’s Maker Club is a weekly DIY program for children and teens age 7 and up. The club focus on different skills, materials, technology and tools to make science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematic projects. To learn more visit

Discovery Den at NOPL at North Syracuse

Visit The Discovery Den at Northern Onondaga Public Library (NOPL) at North Syracuse is a studio space for children, tweens, and teens for art and self-guided projects designed to educate, inspire, and engage. Call 458-6184 to find out what happening this month within the Discovery Den.

Onondaga Free Library

Onondaga Free Library offers STEAM Discovery Stations, weekly programs and drop-in projects. Technology includes robotics, coding kits, and DIY crafts.

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