Foundation Center Core Collection


Annual Register of Grant Support 2018 : A Directory of Funding Sources

The Best of Boards, Sound Governance and Leadership for Nonprofit Organizations

Financial and ethical guidance for real-life situations. Practical leadership advice for novice and experienced board members. Assistance for not-for-profit managers tasked with governance challenges. Tools, checklists, and templates based on common sense management techniques.

Directory of Research Grants

The Foundation Directory and The Foundation Directory, Part 2

The Foundation Directory covers the 10,000 largest U.S. foundations with assets of $2 million or more or total grants of at least $200,000. Key facts on major funders include their fields of interest, contact information, financials, names of decision-makers, and nearly 60,000 sample grants. Convenient indexes help you quickly locate your best leads.

Part 2 covers the next 10,000 largest foundations with assets between $1-$2 million. Broaden your prospects with key facts on America's most generous mid-size funders. The latest edition includes over 40,000 sample grants.

Use for Finding: 
Detailed information on giving interests and restrictions, application guidelines, names of officers and directors and selected grants (when available). 

Foundation Grants to Individuals 

Information on foundations that award grants directly to individual students, artists, researchers, and other individual grant seekers. 

Use for Finding: 
Educational support – scholarships, fellowships, loans, and internships 
Students and graduates of specific schools, arts and cultural support  
Awards, prizes, and grants by nomination, research and professional support 

Functional and Funded: Securing your Nonprofit's Assets From the Inside-Out 

Joan Garry's Guide to Nonprofit Leadership : Because Nonprofits are Messy 

Garry shows you how to build a powerhouse board, create an impressive and sustainable fundraising program, renew your passion for your mission and organization, and become a bigger difference in the world.

Models of Proposal Planning and Writing, Second Edition

This book is an essential weapon for anyone looking for funding in the extremely competitive grant seeking world. It explains how and why to approach both public and private sponsors with not just information, but persuasion, for the best chance for success

National Directory of Corporate Giving 
Features the most comprehensive information available on thousands of corporate charitable activities, including direct corporate giving (non-foundation) programs and company-sponsored foundations. Includes samples of more than 9,000 grants.  

Use for Finding: 
Detailed information on companies and their giving interests and restrictions, application guidelines, and names of program administrators 

Starting & Bilding a Nonprofit : A Practical Guide 

Starting and Managing a Nonprofit Organization : A Legal Guide

Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations : a Guide to Strengthening and Sustaining Organizational Achievement

Solid strategy is now more important than ever, and this book provides a clear framework for designing and implementing an effective and efficient planning process. From identifying stakeholders and clarifying a shared vision, to implementing plans and revising strategies, the discussion covers all aspects of the process to help you keep your organization united and on track into the future

The Foundation Center is the nation's leading authority on philanthropy. It was established in 1956 as an independent, nonprofit service organization to foster public understanding of institutional philanthropy. The Foundation Center collects, organizes, analyzes and disseminates information on foundations, corporate giving and related subjects.

See the Grants Collection for information on grants, scholarships or other individual funding for education, and start-up, for-profit business funding.